Video Workshop RECORDING:

Post workshop follow-up items:

1.  Open the Slides and download the PDF file to your computer.  Here’s the link: (look for the ‘download’ button in the top right corner) Hopefully the slides will trigger some additional action items you’re going to take

2. Be sure to create a repeating/recurring calendar event for “Calendaring, Collecting, Categorizing, and Campaigning” at least once per week where you are committed to connecting with people through video, email, zoom, text, social, face-to-face, etc. Click Here for the Video Content Calendar:

3. Work on your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).  Here’s a link to the book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr

4. Work on your CRM/Database including name, telephone, email address, home address, home value, where they want to move next, etc.  Don’t forget about the the UCR Labs as a great resource:

5. Purchase Tools such as microphone, tri-pod, ring light, and Osmo Pocket video camera/gimbal

6. Create a free Zoom account and practice sharing your screen with one another.  Then be sure to send the calendar invite to clients and give them a market update! 

7. Sign up for a bombbomb account

8. Grab ‘B-Roll’ video footage every time you’re previewing, showing homes, out in the neighborhoods, etc.  Remember they should be 3-5 second clips (don’t worry about your audio for these clips).  Create an archive of video clips in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Photos (download the app and login at

9.  Write scripts of hyper-local communities like your favorite neighborhoods, streets, sub-divisions, restaurants, plazas, etc.  Then record your scripts with any audio recording app for your mobile device (native or free downloads from iOS or Android store).

10.  Try out to bring together your video clips and voiceover to tell a story of your community, neighborhood, interviews with clients, local business owners, school teachers, etc.

Thanks and be sure to send me examples of some of your videos!