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Professional Video Shoot Preparation

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What do you love about real estate? Why/how did you get into real estate?
  • What’s your philosophy and/or approach in helping clients?
  • How do you negotiate on behalf of your clients?
  • What local neighborhoods / markets do you specialize in?
  • Tell me a story or situation that made a positive impact for a client.
  • What’s something that’s interesting or unique about you as a person (not as a real estate broker).

5 Tips

  1. Relax, smile, and laugh a lot
  2. Be your authentic self
  3. Don’t try to sell anything
  4. Use your hands when you talk (palms up)
  5. Answer the interview questions by re-stating the question whenever possible.  For example, “What do I love about real estate?  Wow, there’s so much I love about it. . . “

Watch Video Examples

Next Step Instructions | Once You’ve Completed Your Video…

Thanks for participating and getting your John L. Scott Personal VIDEO CARD completed!

Keep in mind that the purpose is for the following:

  • Consumers to ‘like’ you based on your video
  • Consumers to see your competence and trustworthiness
  • Spheres of influence to be reminded that they like you and should refer you

Do not worry about small details! 

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