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Professional Video Shoot Preparation

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What do you love about real estate? Why/how did you get into real estate?
  • What’s your philosophy and/or approach in helping clients?
  • How do you negotiate on behalf of your clients?
  • What local neighborhoods / markets do you specialize in?
  • Tell me a story or situation that made a positive impact for a client.
  • What’s something that’s interesting or unique about you as a person (not as a real estate broker).

5 Tips

  1. Relax, smile, and laugh a lot
  2. Be your authentic self
  3. Don’t try to sell anything
  4. Use your hands when you talk (palms up)
  5. Answer the interview questions by re-stating the question whenever possible.  For example, “What do I love about real estate?  Wow, there’s so much I love about it. . . “

Watch Video Examples

Next Step Instructions | Once You’ve Completed Your Video…

Thanks for participating and getting your
John L. Scott Personal VIDEO CARD completed!

Keep in mind that the purpose is for the following:

  • Consumers to ‘like’ you based on your video
  • Consumers to see your competence and trustworthiness
  • Spheres of influence to be reminded that they like you and should refer you


Do not worry about small details! 


Here’s your next steps with your video:

  1. Download the video link you received in email to your computer.  You’ll need to do this on your COMPUTER (not your phone).   Also be sure to upload it to your personal cloud solution like dropbox,, google drive, etc. so you don’t lose the file if you ever change computers.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube and write out a full description for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.  For Example: Hi, my name is (Your name) and I’m a residential specialist with John L. Scott real estate.  I specialize in negotiation, representation, and real estate services for buyers, sellers, and investors in (the counties / areas that you work).  For more information, visit (your website URL address) .  Contact me by email (your email address) or call/text me (your phone number).
  3. Upload the video to your PersonalFacebook wall just like you would upload a photo (do not share the YouTube link on Facebook).  You’re uploading the video directly to Facebook. Here’s a PDF file with specific instructions if you don’t know how to do this:  You’ll need to do this on your COMPUTER (not your phone).  Include a message like “Hey FB Friends and clients, I just want to thank you for your trust in me as your real estate specialist over the years.  Please let me know what you think of my video.  I would appreciate it if you shared it as well!  I’m also providing everyone with an accurate market update of their home so let me know if you’d like to get one.  There’s a lot of questions about the market right now.  I love you all and really appreciate the opportunity to serve you, your friends and family for any real estate needs!”
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, you can have the YouTube video embedded on the homepage of your website.  Here’s a video with instructions on how to do this: You can also email for help.  Be sure to email them your YouTube link.
  5. You can also start to run some FB ads with your video (Video Boost). You can do this by placing an order here and emailing your Vimeo link with your call to action, like “Contact me to get an accurate 2019 valuation of your home!” to
  6. Add your YouTube video link to your email signatures
  7. Add the YouTube video link to your Online Profiles (LinkedIn, Zillow,, MLS, etc.)
  8. Send your YouTube video to your database through email (similar to the Facebook Post)
  9. Send your YouTube video to people you met at an open house so they remember who you were and follow up to see if you can give them a CMA of their home.
  10. Send someone who you haven’t met before the video prior to your meeting (before a listing or buyer appointment for example.)
  11. Send the video through email or text as an introduction to online leads you receive
  12. Finally, please be sure to give us any success stories like new interactions you get with your spheres of influence, referrals, new leads, listings, sales, etc.Thanks and let us know if you have questions.


If you’d like any custom edits made to your video we can definitely do that, with custom edits and changes starting at $49.

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